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Arak Refinery Hydrogen Unit

A Hydrogen Unit of 50 MMSCFD, based on PSA system as part of 150,000 BPSD Grass Root Refinery. The produced Hydrogen will be used in the Hc Unibon (Hydro Cracker) unit of 24,500 BPSD.

The Unit Comprises of:

    • Hydrogen Unit:
          • Reformer – Shift Converter Section
          • Methanator and CO2 Stripping Section
    • Auxiliary Systems:
          • Propane Vaporizer
          • Dechlorinator
          • Effluent Boiler
          • Amine Reclaimer


 Client  National Iranian Oil Company
 Project Location  Arak, Iran
 Capacity  50 MMSCFD
 Technical Category  Petroleum Refining
 Services Performed  Engineering, Field Engineering, Commissioninig
 Licensor  Foster Wheeler, Linde
 Participant(s)  JGC Corporation
 Project Status  Completed
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